102. Black Love, Weddings & Marriage Among The Enslaved with Dr. Angelita Reyes

An illustration of Black people in wedding attire from a historical period of time

In honor of Black History Month, we are giving you meaty historical wedding/marriage episodes. We’re kicking the month off with our conversation with Dr. Angelita Reyes, a professor at Arizona State University. We are all aware of jumping the broom and fictionalized versions of what weddings looked like among the enslaved, but let’s dig deeper. Dr. Reyes shared with us stories from women that lived and loved throughout that time. Dr. Reyes is truly a gem. We could’ve talked to her for several more hours. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as did.

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We are eternally thankful to CRMG Studios for producing our early episodes and @KParyo on IG for the intro music & advice. Podcast Graphic Source: Harper’s Weekly (June 30, 1866), p. 412