64. Brides Relax, Relate, & Release with Shonte Alce and Jasmin Clark

Two Black couples in wedding attire

We are continuing our bridal party conversation with two wonderful guests, Shonte & Jasmin. This conversation is more of an authentic talk between brides about some of the frustrations and headaches that occur between brides, their bridal parties, and wedding guests. You always think about the smiles from the photos but there can be some aggravating pain points that you have to navigate as you make your way to the altar. Let us know what you think about this episode by leaving us a comment on social or a review on Apple Podcasts.

Special Guests:

  • Shonte Alce – IG
  • Jasmin Miller Clark – IG

Wedding Vendor Love: On almost every episode of Hue I Do, we shout-out our favorite wedding vendors and explain why. The vendors we shouted out this week are:

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