145. How to Create Your Wedding Registry with Melissa Trentadue

A variety of kitchen appliances

You’ve asked us to help you with your wedding registry so we reached out to Melissa Trentadue at Zola to help us out. If you’re in the Zola community, you are very familiar with Melissa. She gave us a lot of great information on how to build a registry from when to start, how many items do we need, and how expensive should our items be. And if you’re married, we discuss how you can still use/build a registry long after your wedding is over. Listen up!

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  • 1:23 – Guest Introduction
  • 3:10 – This or That
  • 7:55 – Registry Convo
  • 34:00 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 39:00 – Where to Find Melissa

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