63. The Girls By Our Side with Arielle Alyssa Brown and Shayla Varona

Two groups of bridesmaids

The people we ask to be in our bridal party are special. For the most part, we’ve established long relationships with them and we couldn’t think of anyone better to stand by our side as we transition into another stage in life. We talk to two former brides Arielle Alyssa Brown and Shayla Varona about their bridal parties. We discuss bridal party expectations and realities, bridal showers, bachelorette trips, and if we really felt like these ladies upheld their part of the responsibility. We got honest about a lot…go listen!

Special Guests:

  • Arielle Alyssa Brown – IG
  • Shayla Varona – IG

Wedding Vendor Love: On almost every episode of Hue I Do, we shout-out our favorite wedding vendors and explain why. The vendors we shouted out this week are:

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