The Glam Wedding

This wedding aesthetic is commonly associated with Black brides due to its maximalist and ritzy aesthetic. But what truly makes a wedding glam?

Ahead of recording a Hue I Do episode about glam weddings with wedding planners Christie Williams of Niq Williams Events and Christy Record of Swank Soiree, we wanted to gauge the sentiments around it. 

The 47 people that took this survey definitely range. They are fiancées/fiancés (49%), newlyweds (23%), wedding vendors (19%), girlfriends (4%), wedding media (2%), and single with an opinion (2%). Scroll along to read the findings.

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A glam wedding is extravagant popular overdone essential opulent over-the-top iconic detailed dramatic

Can you be a glam bride/groom and not have a glam wedding?

83% of survey takers said yes, you can be a glam bride without having a glam wedding.

Can you be glam wedding and not have a glam bride/groom?

However, 64% said you can have a glam wedding without being a glam bride/groom.

This makes us think that it maybe easier for a marrier to bring glam into their wedding look without allowing it to overpower the overall wedding aesthetic. 

Where the glam weddings are

We asked if glam weddings can take place in any cityNinety-one percent said yes.

When we asked if there are regional differences to glam weddings, 70% said yes.

Here are the top five areas they said glam weddings take place:

  1. Atlanta
  2. New York
  3. Miami
  4. Houston
  5. Los Angeles

Glam cost what now?

We wanted to know how much we need to drop on a glam wedding because this can’t be affordable, right? We asked what do they think is the minimum budget for a glam wedding.

Sixty-four percent said glam weddings cannot happen on any budget. However, of the 36% that thinks it can, that group largely consists of those that are not married (43% are engaged, 50% of those that are dating, and 100% of those that are single.) This makes us think that the assumption of how to bring a glam wedding to life seems more financially achievable before one is engaged and begins the wedding planning process.

We also asked what is the minimum budget for a glam wedding. A few responded that they weren’t sure, two said it depends on the city, and three said it depends on the guest count.

Overall, the numbers varied from $5,000 to over $100,000. The average glam wedding budget is estimated to be $43,659. The estimated glam wedding budget averages also varied based on survey taker:

  • Dating or single: $25,000
  • Engaged: $42,250
  • Married: $44,000
  • Wedding vendors: $63,571

The vendors behind the glam weddings

We wanted to learn what vendors are commonly associated with glam weddings.

Top 5 Glam Wedding Venues

Ballroom or banquet hall
Event space
Historic building
Country club

Top 5 Glam Wedding Vendors


When it is time for a glam wedding, these are the wedding vendors that come to mind:

  • Ai & Eva Bridal Jewelry
  • Akeem Clayton Designs
  • All About Posh
  • Amanda Novias
  • Andy Beach & Associates
  • Ashley Nicole Photography
  • Ashton Gardens
  • B for Beaute
  • Bdazzled Events
  • Biltmore Ballrooms
  • Black Bride
  • Bricks Media
  • Brides by NONA
  • Cakes by La’Meeka
  • Celio’s Design
  • C’est Belle Events
  • Clean Touch Artistry
  • The Cocoa Bride
  • Color Du Jour
  • D’Concierge
  • David Tutera
  • Designs by Devereux
  • Diann Valentine
  • Duree Events
  • Elana Walker Events
  • Elle Audrey
  • Elly B Events
  • Ese Ezenabor
  • Events By Executive Caterers
  • Favored by Yodit
  • Fotos by Fola
  • Glitz & Glam Events
  • Hair By Estylez
  • Hair Chemistry
  • HAK Weddings
  • IMIHI Designs
  • Irene Tyndale Events
  • Iris Films
  • Juicy Looks by Abby
  • Kesha Lambert Photography
  • Larger Than Life Events and Design
  • Lauren O & Co.
  • Lavishly Chic Designs
  • LESLO Events
  • Maxwell Jennings Studios
  • Mindy Weiss
  • MirMir
  • MPQ Events
  • Morgan Taylor’d Events
  • Nate Veal Photography
  • Nicole Bakes Cakes
  • Nma Couture by Julie Nma Ihe
  • OziNicole
  • Pantora Bridal
  • Premiere Emcee
  • Priceless Event Planning
  • REEM Photography
  • Unleashed Vizuals
  • Second Shots Photography
  • The Sharp Standard
  • SM Hair Couture
  • Stanlo Photography
  • Taylor Simpson
  • Vainglorious Brides
  • The VaVoom Factory
  • YS Beauty Co.

The variety of glam weddings

We wanted to know if non-Black weddings could be glam, too. Survey (takers) said yes—89%, to be exact. But when we asked if every race or ethnicity could have the same type of glam weddings, only 60% said yes which makes us think there are varying types of glam weddings. That was quickly confirmed with the next question: 77% said there are.

We asked what were the different types of glam weddings and here are a few that survey takers mentioned:

  • Old Hollywood glam
  • Rustic glam
  • Boho glam
  • Modern/contemporary glam
  • City glam
  • Southern glam
  • Nigerian glam
  • South Asian glam
  • Classic glam
  • Budget glam
  • Minimalist glam

Glam = luxury?

We frequently hear and read glam being used interchangeably with luxury and wanted to know if everyone felt this way or not. Eighty-seven percent of the survey takers said no, glam doesn’t equal luxury.

Listen: The Glam Wedding Aesthetic

We chatted with wedding planners Christy Record of Swank Soiree and Christie Williams of Niq Williams Events about glam weddings. Their thoughts provided more context to the results above but also a layered perspective. You can listen to the episode now.

Photo Credits: 1- Former Hue I Do Guest Jasmin Clark, taken by Stanlo Photography. 4 – Former Hue I Do Guest Flowers by Lady Buggs. 6 – Former Hue I Do Guests Brittney and Tracey Todd by Elizabeth Austin Photography.​