144. Her Glam Nigerian-Jamaican Destination Wedding with Danielle Ayanru

A couple in Nigerian formal wear

We’ve heard of destination weddings and we’ve heard of Nigerian weddings but what about a Nigerian-Jamaican wedding in Cancun? Danielle’s wedding last year was one that would inspire us all. She tells us how planning was, if she stayed in budget, what she would do differently knowing what she knows now, and a lot more. This is a great one, especially for the desti dolls!

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  • 0:40 – Hue Review
  • 2:57 – Guest Introduction
  • 11:15 – This or That
  • 23:20 – Glam Nigerian Jamaican Desti Wedding Convo
  • 01:13:12 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 01:16:27 – Where to Find Danielle

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