139. The Impact of The Wedding Content Creator with Chip Dizárd

A cell phone capturing a couple in wedding clothes

Are you ready for the wedding content creator? This episode starts a two part series on wedding content creation. We’re chatting with educator, photographer, videographer, and content creator Chip Dizárd about how the wedding content creator is going to shift the wedding industry, how all vendors need to prepare and adapt, how wedding content will fuel imposter syndrome and more.

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  • 1:24 – Question That Needs Answering (QTNA)
  • 6:55 – Speak Now
  • 7:24 – A Hue Review
  • 9:08 – Guest Introduction
  • 12:15 – This or That
  • 20:07 – Content Creator Convo
  • 01:11:11 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 01:15:27 – Find Chip

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