36. Our Blackness & The Wedding Industry: Pt. 1 with Candace Darby, Tiffanie McCoy, and Leneille Moon

Black hands exchanging rings during a wedding

The last few weeks have been… emotionally interesting to say the least. After the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests, the Black community has received an overwhelming display of support, solidarity, and empathy. This has trickled into the wedding industry where a lot of mainstream brands have showed their interest into Black wedding vendors and weddings in general. We talked with wedding planner Tiffanie McCoy from Bird of Paradise Events, bridal concierge/stylist Candace Darby from The Cocoa Bride, and floral designer Leneille Moon from Special Event Factory about how their businesses have been impacted by this newfound attention, how to continue to capitalize off of it, and how long we all assume it’ll last.

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