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The Options for a Fall 2020 Wedding in the Midst of the Pandemic

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Until three months ago, weddings in 2020 were a sure thing. Bridal showers and bachelorette weekends were awaiting warmer temperatures so brides could turn up one more time before saying “I Do.”

And then this mysterious, deadly virus appeared. It shuttered businesses, states, and nations. That left all the spring and summer brides to make very hard decisions quickly.

But that was then. Now, summertime is here and it is almost time to send out those fall wedding invitations. There is still a lot of doubt about the safety of big gatherings even as states eagerly rush to revitalize the economy and open up businesses to full capacity. The coronavirus doesn’t seem to be completely contained and time is running out. What should us fall 2020 couples do? Consider these following options:

Postpone the date.

Wedding vendors are urging for their couples to postpone, not cancel their upcoming nuptials. Many spring and summer brides moved their weddings to fall and winter 2020 or spring 2021. Those with fall weddings could just postpone the entire event to another time in 2021 or 2022. With the threat of a deadlier second wave in the fall, couples that are concerned about the wellbeing of their guests — particularly those that are older and immunocompromised — should just move their date to another time.

Elope now, celebrate later.

For those couples that selected their wedding dates intentionally or those that want to get married this year, eloping is an option. This can take shape in the form of going to the local courthouse (if it is open) or commemorating your day with a small gathering in your home, a local park, or elsewhere.

Essentially, this is an extension of the postponement option. This route turns the celebration from a wedding day to a blown out reception, a party, and/or a vow renewal ceremony. Couples that opt for this are not as restricted to the traditional wedding structure as the celebration is whatever you want to make it.

Shave the guest list and carry on virtually.

The date is the date and we aren’t moving is totally another option for some. But what couples can do to keep everyone safe is split their guest list up: allow for certain guests to celebrate in person and the rest view the wedding online. This will allow for those that do not feel comfortable physically attending to witness the big day from the comfort of their home. Also, it lets the couple be able to socially distance their guests by providing ample room so that those who will be there won’t be infringing on the personal space of other guests.

So needless to say, there are many opportunities to celebrate even if it requires pushing the wedding off a year or two. We hope that whatever route all the fall 2020 couples take is the best route for them but also their loved ones. Good luck!