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Wedding Playlists for Black Brides and Black Weddings

Black bride dances at wedding reception. Photo by Hussein Altameemi.


Searching for the right song for your wedding day can be extremely hard, especially when you’re a Black bride or a bride that loves and grew up on R&B and rap music. You can Google “wedding songs for _________” and find a lot of dated, pop or rock songs that nobody at your wedding wants to hear. And quickly, this becomes another possibly stressful task to take on amidst wedding planning.

Well, you are in luck. Both Toniah and I love music so we’ve created over 35 Spotify wedding playlists for brides like us in mind. We wanted to help you quickly figure out the songs that’ll create the perfect soundtrack to your wedding day. These playlists include, but aren’t limited to:

Groom Walk Down The Aisle Songs

Sometimes, the groom wants a song that reflects how he feels as he walks down the aisle. This can be a luxurious stunt jam or something that makes everyone laugh but ironically, fits the mood. Normalize letting the man feel himself on his wedding day, too!

Bride Walk Down The Aisle Songs

The song the bride walks down the aisle to can be a love song that speaks to her spouse-to-be or reflect her feelings as she embraces becoming a wife. There are many songs that can fit this moment — some with beautiful musical lead ins and others where the lyrics are just so appropriate for that moment.

Couple Recessional Songs

This is a great playlist of songs that will usher in the appropriate emotion as you leave the ceremony and head towards cocktail hour and the reception. For some, you’ll want an extremely hype song that teases the energy you want for your reception and others may want a joyous love song that perfectly describes how you feel to be married to your love.

Parent Reception Entrance Songs

The songs you select for the parents to enter the reception into can go one of two ways: a nod to the turn up in their day or a classic R&B tune that is palatable for everyone. Now, you can allow all the parents to enter at once (that can give you more time to dance during the reception) or you can allow them to enter separately by couple. This gives you more room to use a variety of songs for their entrance.

Bridesmaid Reception Entrance Songs

We want our girls to enter the reception on a high. Whether you are allowing them to enter into the reception individually, paired up with someone from your spouse’s side of the wedding party, or altogether, this song has to help set the tone for the reception. These songs definitely let everyone know what time it is and your friends need to commit to that vibe from jump.

Groomsman Reception Entrance Songs

The guys need to bring it when they come into the reception, too. The wedding party songs are usually songs that speak to the wedding party member(s) altogether or what energy the collective group provides.

Couple Reception Entrance Songs

The song you enter the reception into might be the most important song you select for the entire night. If you are looking forward to the reception more than anything, you’re definitely going to want a song that gets everyone on the same wavelength as you two. These songs are a true vibe, which is really what you want.

First Dance Songs

If you’re looking for songs to dance to after entering the wedding reception, there are over 160 songs to choose from. The first dance song can be one that speaks to the love you two feel for each other through a classic R&B or soul song or can be “your song” that you two declared at some point in your relationship. The songs on this list have beautiful lyrics that can do the talking as you take your first dance together as a married couple.

Throw the Bouquet – Bouquet Toss Songs

If you are tossing a bouquet in hopes that one of your homegirls catches it, then one of these songs could work. This playlist is fun, a little ratchet, but overall, provides that fun vibe you want for this portion of your wedding reception.

Toss the Garter Songs

If you’re opting the include the garter toss into your wedding reception, you can choose one of these songs that are a little… friskier than probably the rest of the songs you would play during the reception. If you’ve ever been to the Kappa or Omega house during a Greek week in college, some of these songs may sound familiar.

Now, you don’t have to stress when your wedding DJ asks what song will you enter the reception to or what song you want for your recessional. We’re constantly adding music to these playlists and creating more playlists to help fit your wedding vibe. If you have a recommendation of a song that should go on one of these lists, let us know!

Photo by Hussein Altameemi