149. Wedding Reflections From A 2001 Bride with Kristea Cancel

A Black newly married couple on a golf course smiles during their wedding

This episode came together because Ashleigh stumbled across a wedding website that was created in 2001. She reached out to who was the bride-to-be and what became of that was a great hour of conversation with Mrs. Kristea Cancel. We went back in time to revisit her wedding planning and wedding day and had a great conversation just about how things have changed in the last 20+ years. This was a good talk! Hope you enjoy!

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  • 5:23 – Guest Introduction
  • 13:45 – This or That
  • 21:21 – 2001 Wedding Reflection Convo
  • 57:10 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 1:01:10 – Where to Find Kristea

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