140. What A Wedding Content Creator Actually Does with Lanise Harris and Chrissandra Jallah

Someone holds a cell phone to capture a wedding

In the second and final part of our wedding content creator series, we’re chatting with two creators−Lanise Harris and photographer Chrissandra Jallah−about their experiences. For brides, this is a great episode that’ll give you context to why you need a content creator, how to set yours up for success, etc. But vendors, listen up as well because you’ll learn how to work with these talented individuals that want to be respected as vendors, just like you. Enjoy!

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  • 0:50 – Question That Needs Answering (QTNA)
  • 3:15 – A Hue Review
  • 5:38 – Guest Introduction
  • 10:25 – This or That
  • 35:22 – Wedding Content Creator Convo
  • 01:47:02 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 01:55:20 – Where to Find Lanise and Chrissandra

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