Aisle Tell You What – A Mother’s Love: Chubby Checker, Betty Bridges, Lindiwe Dlamini, and Drs. Hammond & Dr. Tinina Cade

I had to give you a Mother’s Day episode this weekend, Aisle Runners! Now, this isn’t probably what you’re expecting or maybe it is! This week’s Aisle Tell You What is about four different stories all around a mother’s love. How her love transcends will vary from each story but you will enjoy all four.

The stories shared are about

  1. Chubby Checker, Catharina Lodders, and mom Eartle Evans
  2. Todd Bridges and mom Betty Bridges
  3. Lindiwe Dlamini and Zena Zoraya Mahlangu or Queen LaMahlangu
  4. Dr. Camille Hammond, Dr. Jason Hammond, and Dr. Tinina Q. Cade

Aisle Tell You What is a deep dive at some of the most epic and memorable weddings and marriages throughout Black History. Our journey down memory lane isn’t meant with malintent, but from a place of nostalgia, inspiration, and realism. Aisle Tell You What is brought to you by Hueido.