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What started out as a daily Black History Month video to highlight weddings and marriage became something so much more. Aisle Tell You What is a deep dive at some of the most epic and memorable weddings and marriages that have occurred throughout Black History. The trip down memory lane isn’t meant with malintent but comes from a place of nostalgia, inspiration, and realism. 

Aisle Tell You What is a video series hosted by Ashleigh from Hue I Do. For any questions or comments regarding the series, contact us or email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these questions are asked a lot and some are probably on your mind but you hadn’t thought of before.

Yes, feel free to suggest a couple. Aisle Tell You What videos only focuses on:

  • engagements, weddings and/or marriages of prominent or notable Black couples or interracial couples where at least one person is Black or has Black ancestry
  • Black wedding vendors that impacted history

The research for the Aisle Tell You What videos comes from a variety of paid newspaper subscriptions, encyclopedias, and magazines.

Wifey Wednesdays is a mini-series within Aisle Tell You What that celebrates the wives of these very prominent figures. This is to highlight them as they’re usually integral in the success of their mate but also to praise their accomplishments, as well. 

The hope for Aisle Tell You What is that we can reflect on the weddings and marriages of the past from a honest, pragmatic perspective. It isn’t to be salacious or focus on the scandals of yesterday, but to realistically look at these moments inspired by love.

Aisle Tell You What aims to be a mostly unbiased video series that allows the viewer to make their own decisions about the stories being shared. The comment section of these videos are usually just as entertaining as the information in the video. 

The mark you see on my face is a skin condition called melasma. Thanks for your concern.

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