All in The Family: The Story of The Cookes & The Womacks

We really just turned a TikTok video series into a full-fledged podcast. Girl! We did it, Joe! 

To celebrate the inaugural Aisle Tell You What podcast episode (you have to go to YouTube for the visual version), I am giving you an episode y’all have requested many many times: the story of Sam Cooke + Bobby Womack. But let’s go further than that — let’s just talk about the Cookes and the Womacks because these two families go together real bad.

But you tell me what you think: about this story but also about the first episode! And share it out, Aisle Runners/Aislanders (the name is still TBD, by the way.)

Aisle Tell You What is a deep dive at some of the most epic and memorable weddings and marriages throughout Black History. Our journey down memory lane isn’t meant with malintent, but from a place of nostalgia, inspiration, and realism. Aisle Tell You What is brought to you by Hueido.
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See you next week!