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We once asked why do all Black weddings look the same and when we said “the same”, we really meant this glam aesthetic. But we wanted to talk about it because it IS the wedding aesthetic that is commonly associated with Black weddings. We wanted to hear from two wedding planners, Christie “Niq” Williams of Niq Williams Events and Christy Record of Swank Soiree, their thoughts on what they believe actually makes a glam wedding. We’re discussing everything — budget, vendor types, DIY, location, and more.

We also asked our Hue Boos (fiancees, wedding vendors, newlyweds, and more) their thoughts on glam weddings, too. You can read all about that here.

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  • 17:52 – Guest Introductions
  • 21:00 – This or That
  • 29:00 – Glam Wedding Convo
  • 01:08:40 – Wedding Vendor Love
  • 01:13:45 – Where to Find Niq and Christy

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