The Love Story of Harlem Renaissance Entertainer Gladys Bentley + Love in the Club

an old black and white photo of a person in a top hat

The club can be an opening of opportunity, a cavity of community, or an environment of excitement. For those that are lucky, this can also be the location to love. Dating back to the early 1900s, there are so many prominent Black celebrities that have love stories that started in the club. I’ll tell you about those, plus the love story of Harlem Renaissance entertainer Gladys Bentley, who frequently tempted and amused her audience in the many clubs she played in.

Aisle Tell You What is a weekly podcast that shares the weddings, marriages, and romances of Black figures throughout time. We bask on these relationships not to be messy but to remind you of the passion in our past and to humanize the people we put on pedestals. Basically, it’s all love… Black History. Aisle Tell You What is brought to you by Hueido.

Hueido is a media brand that adds color to Black weddings and marriage from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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