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Sarah Miller from Netflix's "Marriage or Mortgage" shared tips that couples everywhere could also implement to save money on their big day.

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When you get engaged, you have no idea how much anything costs. You might see vendor breakdowns and average wedding cost articles but they are all a LIE. If you were thinking your 150 person wedding was going to be under $30,000, you are mistaken! We talked to my wedding team, Leneille Moon of Special Event Factory and Courtney Jackson of The Charming Details about realistic wedding budgets.

We love the kids, we truly do, but a lot of times, we want to turn up! How do you manage the party and the babies? Kaycia Rhone of Kaycia Rhone Events (@kayciarhoneevents) talked to us about the pros and cons of having children at your wedding, how that affects your wedding budget, and how to talk to guests about the choice you made regarding kids at the ceremony and/or wedding.

Look. Y’all go on planning your own weddings and what not and then need someone to come step in at the last minute. WELL, We talked to Vanessa Hayward from Orlando’s Vanessa Hayward Events about what a month of coordinator does, how soon they really step in, and what a good one actually does.

Destination wedding planner Aisha Thomas @aishathomasevents talks to us about costs of destination weddings, how to get your marriage license in another country, resort weddings vs. elsewhere, bringing in your stateside vendors and more.

Wedding planning secrets are uncovered in this episode! We talked to Tiffanie McCoy from Bird of Paradise Events (@tiffanieeventplanner, @birdofparadiseevents) about Sunday/Friday wedding costs, the difference between event planners, event designers and month-of coordinators, parental input and a LOT more.