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Why You Need A Wedding Registry Though You’ve Been Shacking

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Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve already conquered the battlefield of dirty clothes on the floor and surviving the trials of IKEA furniture assembly so some may say that you’re ahead of the game. And you might be thinking, “Do we really need a wedding registry when we’ve been living together for years?” Well, the answer is actually yes.

Creating a wedding registry isn’t just about toasters and towels or getting something you’ll only use once a year. It’s an opportunity to upgrade your shared life together, ensuring you start this new chapter with the essentials, the indulgences, and a sprinkle of practicality. And it also gives your guests direction on the things you actually want because they’ll just grab you anything otherwise.

What To Include In Your Wedding Registry

The items you should put on your wedding registry should speak to the couple you are and the couple you want to be. But if you already live together, you can still direct your guests towards the things you two will definitely benefit from. 

1. Upgrade Your Essentials

Think about your home. Sure, you’ve got a toaster, but does it have a bagel setting? Or maybe your iron doesn’t turn off automatically. A wedding registry allows you to upgrade those everyday items you’ve been making do with. Think high-quality cookware, luxurious linens, and a coffee maker that practically knows your morning order.

2. Celebratory Fare

Every couple needs a good set of dinnerware for special occasions. Like, what if bae gets a promotion? Or if y’all decide to host Christmas in a few years? This is your chance to add a touch of elegance to your home, making every meal feel like a celebration. After all, you don’t need an excuse to break out the good stuff.

3. Experiences Over Everything

Consider adding experiences to your registry. Whether it’s cooking classes, a weekend getaway, or contributions to your honeymoon or mortgage fund, these gifts create lasting memories, which beats another set of monogrammed towels any day.

You Can Never Go Wrong With...

Even if you just want cash or gift cards (which you can definitely add to a registry), you might want to throw some of these on there too just because your guests will want to get you two something.

  1. Quality Bedding: Invest in sheets and duvets that make bedtime a luxurious affair.
  2. Upgraded Cookware: That non-stick pan you’ve had since college? Time for an upgrade to cookware that makes meal prep a breeze.
  3. Home Appliances: From a state-of-the-art blender to a smart thermostat, ask for items that make your home life easier and more efficient.
  4. Personalized Items: Monogrammed towels, custom wall art, or personalized cutting boards can add a unique touch to your home.
  5. Subscription Services: Meal kit subscriptions, wine clubs, or streaming services can keep the celebration going long after the big day.

But Maybe, You Can Keep These

The following may not be worth it to place on your wedding registry.

  1. Single-Use Items: If you can only see yourself using that pasta maker once a year, it might be better to skip it. But if you think that someone else getting y’all that pasta maker will encourage you to actually make homemade pasta, then go for it.
  2. Overly Trendy Decor: While trendy pieces are tempting, consider the longevity of your choices. Classic styles often outlast passing trends. 
  3. Duplicate Items: Communicate with your partner to avoid ending up with three blenders and no toaster. Also, if you decide to dupe because you have two registries, make sure to update them as items get purchased to reduce the chance of multiples.
  4. Super-Specific Gadgets: That avocado slicer might seem handy now, but will it still be relevant in a year? Like, baby, just ask for a nice knife set.

Final Thoughts

Creating a wedding registry is not about accumulating stuff for the sake of it. It’s a chance to enhance your shared life, upgrade your daily rituals, and infuse a bit of luxury into the ordinary as you step into this new stage of life together. So go ahead, start that registry, throw it on your wedding website, and let your friends and family contribute to the next phase of your beautiful journey together. Happy registering!