54. Black Marriage & Love on Screen: Girlfriends

Black Marriage & Love on Screen: Girlfriends

Our favorite TV show, Girlfriends, made it to Netflix and we just HAD to talk about it. Look, we saw this show as kids but watching it as an adult hit differently. So we called some of our favorite folks from previous episodes to come on and chat with us: Candace Phillips from The Cocoa Bride, Erica Burks, Courtney-Rose Dantus from Dantus & Co. Events,
& Ashley Strickland from Ashley Nicole Photography. This is the first episode within our Black Marriage & Love on Screen series.

We discussed Joan’s incessant need to be married or at least in a committed relationship, Maya & Darnell’s evolution, William and his commitment issues, Toni & Todd’s failed marriage, and Lynn’s sexual freedom. As this show recently turned 20 years old, we were surprised at how well it aged. Go listen!

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