136. Wedding Songs for Your Ceremony & Cocktail Hour with DJ R-Tistic

A Black father walks his daughter down the aisle

Let’s talk about what songs you’re going to play during your wedding! We brought on a heavy hitter, DJ R-Tistic, to discuss EVERYTHING wedding music on this two part episode. Yep, we’re diving into the ceremony and cocktail hour music on this one, including

  • should you play the edited or explicit version
  • what songs aren’t actually love songs
  • should you play songs that are sexually charged or mention break ups
  • go-to ceremony and cocktail hour songs and great hidden gems
  • and more!

We know you’ll love it! Come back next week for the reception episode!

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We are eternally thankful to CRMG Studios for producing our early episodes and @KParyo on IG for the intro music & advice.