158. You Need To Cut It: The Guest List with Allison Davis

Lush wedding reception space with decorated tables filled with dinnerware and greenery

There are two things you are likely to cut back on when planning your wedding: the guest list or the budget. For some of us, it’s both. So we are discussing both of these in a two part series called You Need To Cut It.

This week, we’re talking to the amazing wedding planner Allison Davis of Davis Row about cutting the guest list. The conversation will include:

  • how to trim your guest list
  • why you might want to cut the guest list without cutting down on spending
  • should we include plus ones
  • how to handle second-degree invitations
  • and more

Next week, we’ll continue the series but definitely enjoy and share with a friend!

Photographers of cover graphic: Corey Torpie (headshot)Stephanie Vegliante (reception)

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