In 2020, guest Melissa told us about how she got engaged, married, and started a family in the year and what that journey means to her.

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What do you do when you get engaged, start planning your wedding, and then make the hard decision to break up and cancel the wedding? Toniah’s childhood friend Ashelei tells us about her experience with her ex, when she knew it was time to let the relationship go, and how hard it was to undo all the wedding planning she’d started.

Getting engaged, moving overseas away from your friends, family, and FIANCE, and planning your wedding and entire life back in Atlanta…that was our conversation with influencer Charisa Marie (IG @charisa_marie). She told us about how he proposed, why she moved and how long she’ll be gone, and how she’s managed to bask in her fiancee-glory from all the way over there.

Listen to this episode with bride Shayla Varona and why she says her wedding day last year was the “BEST DAY EVER!” There were tears and tequila. These two lovebirds met at work and got married in March 2019 at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta. Shayla recounts that perfect day with Ashleigh and Edwin. Follow Shayla on IG at @shallybles. 

Candace works in the industry and planned her entire wedding in 3 months. She told us how she did the most, what tasks she gave to her husband, and all the good details about her metro Atlanta wedding.

We talked to bride Erica Hughes about her recent Atlanta wedding! She planned it herself and had a classic, yet turnt affair and she told us all about it. Ashleigh was sick so her fiance Edwin subbed in for her and help Toniah run the show.