Hue I Do Podcast

A podcast about weddings, marriage, and life through the lens of brides & wives. Hosted by two best friends that were each other’s MOHs and are now newlyweds, Ashleigh Coffie and Toniah Paryo Gray. Formerly known as The Black Wedding Podcast. said you should listen.

A Brown hand with an engagement ring is kissed

18. Oh, All The Ways to Propose

We discuss all the popular proposal trends, ways we figured we would’ve gotten engaged, how we didn’t want to get engaged, and more.

African American woman's hand showing an engagement ring

15. Let’s Be Completely Real About Engagement Rings

We got real REAL about engagement rings. Because what we’re told growing up, what friends and tv and social tells us about good rings vs bad rings is TRASH. We talk about the stigma of smaller center stones and non-diamond rings.

Hands of a Black woman holding a digital tablet

9. Wedding Planning Truths with Tiffanie McCoy

We talked to Tiffanie McCoy from Bird of Paradise Events about Sunday/Friday wedding costs, the difference between event planners, event designers and month-of coordinators, parental input and a LOT more.